MBA Management, | A highly motivated to business, projects management Expert, who is able to provide key strategically and I technically support to company. Ambitious looking forwhubon significant value to a Business. A high you performing individual, demonstrating drive, enthusiasm and initiative, with the ability to work well under pressure, consistently delivering quickly and accurately and able to prioritize to ensure deadlines are met whilst maintaining a high standard of real estate marketing, management and projects execution.

ASHAL KHANDirector Operations

Being a Director Operations, I am managing company’s marketing strategy, planning, also facilitate client development through client services and different marketing programs. Generally relate himself to market segments large groups of consumers to find out which of these market segments can buy which products and how they can best sell company products. We believe we have set a new standard.

SYED AITIZAZ GILLANIDirector Administrative

Syed Aitizaz Gillani is Director Administrative, holds MBA Marketing degree | Through a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, professional excellence and in-depth understanding of demand supply dynamics in real estate. I have managed to deliver several projects in Pakistan. I truly understand the necessary professionalism, commitment, integrity, knowledge required when dealing with any property transaction. New Vision Group strive to uphold the values of Trust and honesty that have long been associated with our clients.

SONIA SHAMSHADManaging Partner

MA Sociology | Managing Director oversee the administrative operations in a business, the specific tasks that fall under administrative directions, purview vary from business to business, able to administrative functions of the corporation in accordance with Industry standard, where applicable, regulatory as appropriate works to improve process and policies, manage staff and lead long term organization planning specific responsibilities. “As Managing Director Implement On The Company Objectives And Policies”


BS Sociology | As HR Director develop the company’s recruitment and organizational strategies the business growth, hiring a full time professional becomes a necessity and is usually done around upto the mark. In order to understand the features hiring new employees on boarding and training them, managing the employee – employer relationship including benefits, and promotions.

SAQUIB IQBALDirector Marketing

A highly accomplished professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance, specializing in real estate as an Authorized dealer. With a passion for excellence and a  commitment to client satisfaction, I leverage a strong background in economic analysis and financial management to drive business growth and deliver exceptional value. With a keen eye for market trends and a dedication to professionalism my aim is to utilize my expertise to propel business expansion while providing unparalleled value to both clients and partners.

SYED FRAZ ALI SHAHDirector Finance

As a Director Finance, I am responsible for the financial health of the company. By combining strategic and operational goals, I manage the accounting and economic aspects of a company by developing and enforcing a financial strategy and accounting policies, aimed toward profitable long-term growth. I also oversee audit, tax functions and analyze financial performance. We believe we have set a new standard.

TAYYAB ALI SHAHBusiness Manager

Rising Beyond Your Expectation in Gwadar Real Estate

New Vision Group as one of Pakistan’s leading real estate developers and construction company, has been delivering various projects of real estate excellence for over 17 years. New Vision Group of companies operate in the all over Pakistan since 2005, Our brand has initiated multiple real estate projects. We strive to uphold the values of trust and honesty that have long been associated with our services. Our services and projects prominence in global real estate markets is a result of transforming traditional business practices to impart modern techniques that cater to the constantly needs of our customers. We believe we have set a new standard for the future of Gwadar real estate in Pakistan

New vision Land Developers private Limited was incorporated under umbrella of New Vision Group. The Company was formed to develop well designed, comparatively price Real Estate in Pakistan . We have been consistent in our objective of contributing our quota to the growth and development of Pakistan economy as well as in proving the lot of individuals and corporate clients through Investment in real estate, specifically focused on Gwadar smart port city. New vision Land Developers is a pre – eminent focused property company with a large well balanced portfolio comprised of residential, commercial, industrial and mixed use properties. It is renowned for its impressive landmark development of residential and commercial projects. We have also served as residential and industrial property management specialists; where we have gained good reputation in property management because we deliver a service that provides in integrity, professionalism and peace of mind to our clients.

New Vision Constructions Presently offering the specialized services to assist the clients in their unique needs for all construction & Development projects by providing them with comprehensive, value-added solutions and professional services. “As The Turn Key Consultant”

Rocks Vision, manufacture a large range of concrete block paving suited to any project, from domestic gardens and driveways, to commercial car parks and public areas. Rocks Vision are trendy and durable, interlocking blocks having both functional and decorative purpose. These are available in variety of shapes and color to add a touch of class to your offices, commercial and residential buildings, airport terminals, recreational areas, bus bays and many other suitable surroundings. With more than 15 years of experience in producing superior quality concrete products, we now bring you the Rocks Vision range of block paving bricks for that “perfect finish”


Greenland Services is a Joint Venture Company of New View Group. At Greenland Services we strive to create unique and original landscapes that differ from the ones commonly found in Pakistan. We can design your new landscape or recreate your existing one with a variety of plant life and seasonal splashes of color. We take personal interest in making sure your landscape or garden blooms. We can install, maintain, and nurture your landscape so it has the groundwork to reach its maximum potential. We have a well trained staff on site to implement the techniques we have developed and running independently since 1982. We use only the highest quality materials for which we go out of our way to find them. We have networking and acquaintances with all the plant nurseries, landscape material, irrigation suppliers & fumigation companies within or outside Pakistan.

Help and you will be helped.

Surely, the people are the true wealth of a Nation.

Mr Muhammad Atif Khan, CEO of New Vision Group and President of Lift Gwadar, is pleased to open the gateway of helpful winds to those in need through the Lift Gwadar Welfare Project of the New Vision Group. Established as the first charity organisation of Gwadar, Balochistan, Pakistan in March, 2021, the Lift Gwadar Welfare Organisation aims to enhance the education and healthcare standards of Gwadar, Balochistan, in addition to developing a clean green Gwadar through special emphasis on practical and proven means of combatting environmental pollution like filtration plants, among other methods. The organisation also intends to work towards women empowerment, paving the way for future female entrepreneurs and increasing the number of opportunities available to the women of Gwadar, Balochistan. Perhaps the most important goal of the organisation is to eradicate poverty through extensive charitable work in the area.

With a team of enthusiastic individuals and firm leadership, determined to lift the grand port city of Pakistan and dedicated to humanitarian services, this noble endeavour brings together human financial and technical resources to address the issues of the poverty struck and to help develop Gwadar by bolstering human potential and working to upgrade the standard of living of the people.


Our vision reminds each of us what we should be striving for each
day and where we ultimately want to be as a Group.


To safely deliver project with in period with quality in any
environment for the benefit of our customers, stakeholders,
employees and communities we serve. Your Trust Our Success!