The great Chinese cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzen throbbing business / trade metropolis too are near the china seas. The latest and superlative trading / commercial model cities of Singapore and Dubai are all washed by the littoral some of the world’s supreme metropolis are on the coast or around. The modern miracle of Dubai though was not really an advantage of geography. In fact it was a backwater small port in the not too distant past.

Most great cities have a special history. History of Gwadar is largely untraced. Ironically Gwadar’s march of history had been locked by its undiscovered Geography. Gwadar along its 720km long coastline Mekran, had in fact an ancient history. “The people, who inhabit the coastal belt of Baluchistan despite their diverse culture intermix, have some common features.

The Multi-regional linkage of Gwadar will be analyzed in subsequent chapters. Gwadar the new city and the new world, was rising and placing itself pivotally on the global chessboard. For Gwadar is more than a beautiful city to the marvel of nature.