New Town Phase 5

When we talk about new town society,then it is no doubt that new town is one of those societies which is always hot cake and eye catching opportunity and investment for the investors. Rather Gwadar property down or on the whole market is dead,it will not affect the new town society never ever. This is the plus point to invest in new town society and it is also government owned society in phase 5 of new town society the land allotments are as under:

New Town Prices

  •  Sqy residential plot @ Pk 8lac

  • 200 Sqy residential plot @ Pk 10 lac.

Our company have bulk of plot files of 120 sq yard and 200 sq yard:

Globbiz Avenue Phase 4

Globbiz avenue is again one of the best investments in Gwadar. Our company is registered consultant of Globbiz avenue as other societies. We have residential as wel as commercial category properties. In the lositngs, we have to deal:


Company Booking Prices

  • 120 Sqy residential plot. Pk 16 lac.

    Our Price @ Pk 11 lac

  • 100 Sqy commercial plot @Pk 40 lac

    Our price @ Pk 30 lac

Sanghar Housing

Sanghar housing is another best property opportunity in gwadar. Sanghar always be a fruitful investment for sanghar housing phase 2 & 3 extension, we specifically deal in 600 sq yard plots

Sanghar housing Prices

Sanghar 600 ext @ Pk 35 lac all dues paid.